A Message from the Founders

A Message From the Founders

Ending the 2015-16 Year and Starting the 2016-17 Year!

Years ago when we were just starting to wrap our minds and hearts around the awesome task of raising our children in the faith, we listened to a talk on “How to Keep Your Kids Catholic.”  In it was the advice that if you want to keep your kids Catholic you need to place in their lives young adults – older than your children and younger than you – who can witness to them in word and by how they live the faith.  God blessed us to belong to a beautiful faith-filled community, where there were families with kids older than ours who were wonderful role models for our children.  We saw how much these young men and women in our community inspired our little children and young teenagers to strive for holiness and to embrace living their faith to the fullest.  

This piece of advice and our own personal experience as parents of nine children came together in the founding of Pure Witness Ministries: a place where young Catholic adults, through their dynamic witness, would become real role models for thousands of children and teens each year.

During 2015-16 we put on 27 events, 73 retreats and 3 on-going programs, with over 8766 youth and families served.

Imagine the impact upon those thousands of youth whose faith was brought to life through music, games, talks, testimonies, dramas, skits and personal connection with the young men and women whom God called to serve with Pure Witness this past year.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping to make faith relevant for another generation through your generous support!  Thank you on behalf of the missionaries whose lives have been enriched even as they enrich others.  Thank you for helping to build the leaders of the Church and our world for tomorrow.  These are leaders who have set Christ at the heart of their lives and who have found the courage to make heroic choices.


Pure Witness exists in response to the call of Holy Mother Church to help renew humanity through the Gospel lived out and boldly proclaimed as the light of faith is passed forward to another generation.   It is a place for young missionaries to come and serve each year and to experience the transformation that comes from taking risks for Christ and His Gospel. Please pray as we move forward with this 2016-17 missionary year for the heroic young men and women who have responded to the call to serve Christ and His Church in this way.

God bless you all for your generosity, sacrifices, support and prayers that allow this work to continue! 

James and Carmen Marcoux, Founders of Pure Witness Ministries

"Listening to Christ and worshiping Him leads us to make courageous choices… Jesus is demanding, because He wishes our genuine happiness.  The Church needs saints.  All are called to holiness, and holy people alone can renew humanity."  

{St. John Paul the Great, World Youth Day 2005}

"Through your joyful witness and service, help to build a civilization of love. Show, by your life, that it is worth giving your time and talents in order to attain high ideals … and it is worth taking risks for Christ and His Gospel."  

{Pope Francis, World Youth Day 2013}