Is God Calling You to Join Pure Witness Ministries?

The Mission of Pure Witness Ministries

Challenging Catholics to become Pure Witnesses of their faith by setting Christ at the heart of their lives.


Life Involves Many Choices

Our youth and families need to navigate the many choices in their lives through many influences. When we fix our hearts on Jesus, the choices become clear, in fact they become ... pure!

Purity is a virtue that shapes all areas of our lives as we strive to do all things for, in and through Jesus. Being pure is a choice we make and live out moment by moment, day after day. From the movies we watch to the way we live out our relationships, purity is about leading a Christ-centered life.

Our Missionaries

1)  Proclaim the freedom, hope and joy that come from living pure lives for Christ

2) Present the teachings of our Catholic faith to youth and families in dynamic ways that speak to this generation

Let no one despise your youth but set
the believers an example in speech and conduct,
in love, in faith, in purity.

{ 1 Timothy 4:12 }

The Three-Fold Mission of Pure Witness

A call to serve with PWM is a call to experience a transformational year of radical, counter-cultural living, embracing the three-fold mission of Community Living, Faith Formation and Outreach. 

Community Living

. . . with other like-minded young adults and thereby growing personally through the challenges and blessings of community living.

Faith Formation

. . . and deepening your personal relationship with Jesus.


. . . into the larger Catholic community, by putting on retreats for schools and parishes, and events for youth and families where they will grow in their Catholic faith and you can be that pure witness for Christ.

The Ripple Effect

As we live pure lives for Jesus in everything we do we become like the pebble thrown into a pool of water, sending out ripples that reach far beyond us and that serve to build a Civilization of Love, as was proclaimed by Blessed John Paul II. A year with PWM is an invitation to become the pebble that transforms lives and changes the world!

I alone cannot change the world,
but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.

{ Mother Theresa }

Is God Calling You to be His Pebble?

Come join in our mission of setting Christ at the heart of our lives and at the heart of our world!