ReConnect Online with Catholic Youth
ReConnect with our Catholic Culture


ReConnect is an opportunity for our youth in grades 7-12 to come together and connect for evenings of growing in faith together! These evenings will be held online through Zoom from 7-8:45 pm and include: Small Groups, Games, Faith Formation and Prayer Time.

Our first ReConnect Online is Tuesday March 23rd from 7:00-8:45 pm with our special guest speaker, Peter Van Kampen.

Peter is a fulltime youth minister from Alberta, Canada, a popular Catholic speaker, and the author of Live Simply so that others can Simple Live.

Peter will be speaking on the topic of “Simplicity for Teens”:
  • Take the opportunity this Lent to examine our lives in terms of where our treasure lies.
  • We'll Learn some practical ways we can shift our hearts from a material focus to a spiritual focus in our lives.
Because our ReConnect Online will be a Zoom meeting, youth can join us from anywhere. So invite your friends, grades 7-12, to join us for this fun and inspiring evening with Peter Van Kampen.  See you there! Note: Please join from your own device (1 device/participant) for small group purposes.