YEP (Youth Evangelization Program)

The YEP is an all-day retreat for Junior and Senior High youth (Gr. 8-12) from across your diocese to come together and grow in Christian discipleship. This program is an amazing opportunity for youth to experience their faith in an environment of fellowship and fun, not to mention the delicious food! YEPs have been happening in Saskatoon for four years and in the words of one high school student, “This YEP has changed the way I see faith from something serious and undesirable to something which is seriously joyful and fulfilling!” 


We live in a secular world, but we’re Catholic! Let’s celebrate who we are as we offer our families opportunities to come together and raise our families in an atmosphere of Catholic Culture!

ReConnect is a series of monthly Faith Enrichment Events for youth and families to gather and enjoy fellowship and fun, while celebrating the richness of our Catholic faith together. Some of these events will involve...

Revive Retreats

Revive Retreats are an invitation for youth to get to know Jesus in a very personal way.  Through the witness of missionaries, students are  invited to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  He is relevant to our lives; in fact, knowing Him helps us discover the meaning in life.  He cares about everything we are going through.  He takes us outside of ourselves and helps us to discover the mission of a life filled with love.  When we live our lives with purpose we make the world a better place.

Sacramental Retreats

Just imagine a team of dynamic, pure-living, young adults coming into your parish to bear witness of their Catholic faith for your youth preparing for the Sacraments!  These are impressive role models of faith for your students who relate to youth in a special way!  We learn best through the “witness” of others. Our Pure Witness Team (PWT) members have dedicated a year of their lives to bring the message of Christ’s love, hope and purity to youth and families so that they can be encouraged to be all God created them to be!

Parish Missions

We are equipped to answer His unique call for our lives to build our families, to build our parish community, to build our church, and ultimately to build the Kingdom of God. This call will lead us to eternal life with God; however, Jesus does not only promise us joy for all eternity, He blesses us with joy for the journey in this life, now!  This is the truth Pure Witness will convey to the youth and families of your parish. 

Pure Gift

PWM hopes to be able to raise funds to provide FREE Resources for Evangelizing.

By making these resources available for free, many more souls can be reached through these tools of promoting purity and a love of our Catholic faith. Bring in a case of books and give them away to family and friends. Bring in sets for your schools. Parishes can order them in for families for free.