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We are thrilled here at Pure Witness to be moving forward with this opportunity to reach out to many more people than we have ever reached before, by being able to dedicate time like we’ve never had in the past to develop this online aspect of our ministry: free, dynamic video resources for the new evangelization! Keep checking back for new resources being added.

St. Andrew Christmas Anticipation Novena

Did you know that Advent always begins on the first Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Andrew and that there’s a beautiful novena because of that?  November 30th is the Feast of St. Andrew, and the connection of his feast to Advent isn’t just a nice coincidence.  There is a deeper meaning here.  You see, St. Andrew was the first disciple called by Our Lord … in fact, in the Orthodox tradition he is known by the name Prōtoklētos which means “First Called”.

And in John’s gospel chapter 1, verse 41, we read that after Andrew was called by Jesus, he found his brother Simon and said to him “We have found the messiah!”

St. Andrew points us to the Messiah … and it's fitting for us that the Church celebrates the Feast of St. Andrew so close to the beginning of the liturgical year, as we prepare for the coming of the Messiah at Christmas, through the Advent season, to remind us of our anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, the longing in each of us for our Savior Jesus Christ, for whom we wait with joyful hope.

We want to share this Catholic devotion with you and your family as you prepare your hearts throughout Advent for the coming of Our Lord this Christmas.

Click Here to view a video explaining this Christmas Novena.

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Novena of Surrender Video Series

We are so excited to share The Novena of Surrender Video Series with you … as this novena, by Servant of God, Fr. Dolindo, has truly blessed all our lives!  We pray that you will be truly blessed with the peace that comes from surrendering it all to Jesus … who promises to take care of everything for us.

Click Here to access the Novena Video Series.

Save the images below to your camera roll for easy access to the novena! Or Click Here for a PDF download.