Laura Rice

Events Coordinator & Communications Manager

Hello there!

My name is Laura Rice!  Nice to meet you!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself ... I was born and raised in Saskatoon in a family with 7 children.  Our family has grown significantly over the years and I now have 7 (soon to be 10!) beautiful nieces and nephews.  Things I quite enjoy include photography, puzzles of all kinds, coffee, skiing and snowboarding, random adventures, holding babies and playing with children, and being with my friends!  After I graduated high school in 2011 I volunteered with Pure Witness part-time, and the following year I joined their first full-time team.  This is now my seventh full-time year working with Pure Witness Ministries!  I love being a part of this ministry in this pioneering time when there is so much growth and change happening and I get to be part of that growth first hand!

Working with Pure Witness is such an incredible joy for me.  I have such a love and passion for this work, keeping myself busy with a balance of outreach and office work.  I work in the office as the Communications Manager doing things such as advertising for events, creating promotional products, running the website and social media pages, photography, and more.  I also get to help organize and run local events and programs such as our Anchor and Reach programs and larger events like the YEPs, Family Events, Fundraiser Dinner, and soon the Family Camp.  And I love all of it!

Thank you for your prayer and support for this beautiful ministry over the years.  It all goes a long way to help us to serve the Church in loving a generation back to Christ!  Because of our generous supporters we have been able to reach thousands of youth and families from all across Western Canada, and I have also been able to continue to have a job that I love.  This ministry cannot survive without people’s financial support and most definitely not without the continued prayers of so many people!  Thank you so much!

God Bless,