Laura Rice

Communications Manager

Hello there!

My name is Laura Rice and this is my sixth full-time year working with Pure Witness Ministries.  I love being a part of this ministry in this pioneering time when there is so much growth happening and I get to be part of the growth first hand!

Working with Pure Witness is such an incredible joy for me.  I have such a love and passion for this work, keeping myself busy with a balance of outreach and office work.  I work in the office as the Communications Manager doing things such as advertising for events, creating promotional products, running the website and social media pages, photography, and more.  I also get to help organize and run local events such as the YEPs and ReConnects.  And I love all of it! 

Thank you for your prayer and support for this beautiful ministry over the years.  It all goes a long way to help us to serve the Church in loving a generation back to Christ!  Because of our generous supporters we have been able to reach thousands of youth and families from all across Western Canada, and I have also been able to continue to have a job that I love.  This ministry cannot survive without people’s financial support and most definitely not without the continued prayers of so many people!  Thank you so much!

God Bless,