Let no man despise your youth;
but be an example to those who believe: 
in word, in your way of life, in love,
in spirit, in faith, and in purity.

{ 1 Timothy 4:12 }

Youth Evangelization Program

The YEP is an all-day retreat for Junior and Senior High youth (Gr. 7-12) from across your diocese to come together and grow in Christian discipleship. This program is an amazing opportunity for youth to experience their faith in an environment of fellowship and fun, not to mention the delicious food! YEPs have been happening in Saskatoon for eight years and in the words of one high school student, “This YEP has changed the way I see faith from something serious and undesirable to something which is seriously joyful and fulfilling!” 

What happens at a YEP?

It is a fun-filled day of games, inspiring talks and testimonies, funny skits, small-group discussions, Praise & Worship music, Mass and Confessions, and an opportunity for the youth to interact with an awesome team of young adults! Lunch and supper are provided through the gracious support of the local parish and volunteers from the community.

“This time of youth is given to you by the Lord
to enable you to discover life’s meaning!” 

— Benedict XVI

YEP is a program for Catholics at any point on their faith journey, with three fun-filled days throughout the school year, where students from across our province can gather for faith-support, fellowship and fun! It will incorporate...



Small Group Discussions

Skits & Dramas

Praise & Worship Music

... all directed to help these teens become pure witnesses of their faith back in their homes, schools and communities.

“YEP, I’m Catholic!” is the motto for this group ... encouraging them to confidently embrace what it means to be Catholic in the 21st Century!

Pure Witness Ministries

If you are a young Catholic
seeking to learn more about your faith
and grow in a relationship with Christ,

come check out YEP!


“The love and joy I saw in the people touched my heart today. The respect people had for one another showed how God’s love changes people.”

— Grade 8 Yepper

“Over the past few months I felt alone in my faith but coming to YEP and being surrounded by so many people so alive in their faith gave me new hope and I truly felt God’s presence.”

— Grade 10 Yepper

Host a YEP

What’s involved for a Parish to host a YEP?

Provide a Free Facility

. . . a place to gather for Mass, a place to gather for talks, games and fun, a place to gather for eating and fellowship, and a kitchen for food prep.

Promote the Event

. . . Pure Witness will provide you with promotional material that you can use to promote the YEP to the youth of your parish and beyond!