Jesus loves us and wants to
have a relationship with us!

“In this is love, not that we loved God,
but that He loved us.”

{ 1 John 4:10 }

Pure Witness School Retreat

Jesus wants to come into our hearts and transform us.

This year 2019-20 Witness Retreat Leaders, Matthew Marcoux and Michael Salamida, on the road again with an all-new, uplifting, inspiring and fun Pure Witness Retreat. Through music, games, talks, testimonies, story-telling and fun skits, Matthew and Michael will lead your students on a faith journey like no other.

Games, Music, Testimonies, Story-Telling and Skits.

These are all effective ways to remind students that the Gospel message is not boring, and that people who love Jesus are not boring either. These methods help to hold students’ attention so that they are able to effectively receive the life-changing message of the Gospel and realize that Jesus is in fact relevant to each of our lives today.


Pure Witness School Retreats invite students into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that relationship begins with prayer. Every retreat is ended with a prayer session, inviting students to welcome Jesus into their lives. By modeling prayer for students, and praying with them, we encourage this life-habit and help them to discover just how easy it is to have a relationship with Jesus.

Real role models of faith sharing their real journeys with real kids!

Why have Pure Witness Ministries put on a Retreat for your school?

Just imagine two dynamic, pure-living, young adults coming into your school with the message for your students: “We’re living for Christ! It’s made a difference in our lives! You can do it, too!” These are impressive role models of faith for your students who relate to youth in a special way!

We learn best through the “witness” of others. Matthew and Michael have dedicated a year of their lives to bring the message of Christ’s love, hope and purity to youth so that they can be encouraged to be all God created them to be.


What happens at a Pure Witness School Retreat?

It is a fun-filled time with games, inspiring talks and testimonies, funny skits and inspiring dramas, small-group discussions (where space permits), uplifting music, and an opportunity for your students to interact with an awesome team of young adults who have dedicated a year of their lives to bring the message of Jesus’ love to them!

Faith Comes Alive with Dramas

Storytelling is a dynamic way to connect youth to the message of the Gospel.  Each year the retreat has a new drama production ... inspiring students to encounter Christ themselves through the story of heroic men and women of faith.



Praise & Worship Music

Skits & Dramas


“God helped open up my perspective on the world showing me how there’s another part of my life, my faith, which I’ve been shutting myself out from.  I realized on this retreat that I should reconnect myself with God.”

— Grade 11 Student

“The Pure Witness Team is an amazing group of talented, young, energetic individuals who totally live their faith!  All our students from kindergarten to grade 8 were engaged, as well as inspired by our two days spent together.  What an awesome balance of fun and spirituality.  Many thanks!”

— Tammy Braun, Teacher at Pope John Paul II School, Saskatoon

“Thank you Pure Witness Team for making God not quiet but super fun, exciting and very loud so everyone knows how great God is!”

— Grade 3 Student

If you are interested in having a Pure Witness School Retreat in your elementary school or parish, please email us (click the button on the right) or call James Marcoux at (639) 998-1145 to work out your specific package.

Host a Pure Witness Retreat

What is involved in booking a School Retreat?

Custom Packages

The needs of each school varies, so call us and we will customize a retreat package for your school to best serve your student body.


The price of a School Retreat will vary depending on the number of days our team is in your school and how far they have to travel.

Food & Shelter

Schools are responsible to provide lunches for missionaries and host homes for them as needed.