Distributing Free Resources
for the New Evangelization!

Arms of Love

PWM hopes to be able to raise funds to provide FREE Resources for Evangelizing.

Catholic novels, Arms of Love and Surrender, were written by Carmen Marcoux as a means of fiction evangelization. For years these novels have been inspiring men and women of all ages to live fully their Catholic faith and to embrace purity in their lives. Fiction is a powerful tool of evangelization. As one young man said of these novels: 

“Loved the simplicity of the message, along with the richness of the Catholic Faith embedded in it.” 

And from a fifteen-year-old girl: 

“Nothing has had a greater impact on my life! You brought Christ into my life and that’s the biggest gift you can give someone!"

Carmen and her husband, James, have also created an illustrated children’s series, Tales of Not-So-Long Ago, as a tool for evangelizing children. The first book of the series, The Parish Picnic teaches self-sacrifice. 

“Someone gave it to our daughter, and we love it! It teaches such a meaningful lesson and is so beautifully illustrated! I hope you plan to do more!” 

We look forward to continuing this series with many more lessons of faith and virtues for our children!

The Parish Picnic

PWM will be creating posters, brochures, and other media for free distribution, in conjunction with its other programs, to encourage youth and families to keep living the message of purity in their daily lives. And of course, anyone could go to our website and order these materials for FREE and pass them around!

By making these resources available for free, many more souls can be reached through these tools of promoting purity and a love of our Catholic faith. Bring in a case of books and give them away to family and friends. Bring in sets for your schools. Parishes can order them in for families for free.

To support this program call us at:

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Hi! My name is Adriana and I’m 18 years old. I spent the past month re-reading your novel, Arms of Love,and I really feel the need to thank you for your life-changing ministry.

I first came across your novel the summer before seventh grade by a complete accident. My mom had asked my dad to order her a different book from a Catholic catalog. Long story short, he ordered the wrong book and Arms of Love was delivered to our home! Not wanting to go through the process of exchanging books, my mom decided to read your novel. She was so moved by it that she then decided to read it to me at night before I went to bed. My dad’s mistake has turned into one of the greatest blessings in my life!

Arms of Love has really served as my “guide to life” book ever since. It’s so challenging to find role models who encapsulate the idea of purity. That is why I am so grateful for you and for your fictional character, Joanie!

Arms of Love has really inspired me to be more vocal about my Catholic convictions and to proudly live them out every day. Please keep me in your prayers as I head to college next year. Thanks to Arms of Love I have decided to go the coursthip route to meet “Mr. Right” and it is truly liberating that I don’t have to play the dating game in college! Thank you again for your ministry; reading Arms of Love (and Surrender, too) is really like a breath of fresh air!

A Short Story

One time, while traveling, we (Carmen and Jim) met a couple and gave them my books, Arms of Love and Surrender. The next day I ran into this couple again and the man stopped me.

“I want to tell you about your books!” he enthused. “Yesterday I brought your books home and offered them to my son’s fiancee to read. She looked at them, laughed and said, ‘I’ve already read those books. It’s because of those books that I’m marrying your son! These were the books I told you about that had changed my life a few years ago and brought me back to the faith!’ Thank you,” he said, taking my hand, “for giving us the most beautiful daughter-in-law! I didn’t realize when you gave me these books yesterday that I was already the beneficiary of your ministry!"

This is why we do what we do!

To support this program call us at:

(639) 998-1145