Sacramental Retreats

Why have Pure Witness Ministries put on a Sacramental Retreat for your parish?

Just imagine a team of dynamic, pure-living, young adults coming into your parish to bear witness of their Catholic faith for your youth preparing for the Sacraments!  These are impressive role models of faith for your students who relate to youth in a special way!  We learn best through the “witness” of others. Our Pure Witness Team (PWT) members have dedicated a year of their lives to bring the message of Christ’s love, hope and purity to youth and families so that they can be encouraged to be all God created them to be!

What is a Pure Witness Sacramental Retreat?

Sacramental Preparation Retreats take your youth on a journey of understanding their Sacramental Lives as Catholics.  There is particular emphasis on the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation as a means to support us living out our Christian faith that we were Baptized into.

Through the personal witness and testimonies of Pure Witness missionaries, youth understand the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus and the value of setting Christ at the heart of their lives.  Jesus cares about them and is inviting them personally into His very own life so that He can be a part of their own lives ... so that they can become all they were created to be.

The Sacrament of Confirmation gives us the grace to help us live that life set-apart for Christ!  

What happens at a Sacramental Retreat?

It is a fun-filled time with games, inspiring talks and testimonies, funny skits, small-group discussions (where space permits), uplifting music, and an opportunity for your youth to interact with an awesome team of young adults who have dedicated a year of their lives to bring the message of Jesus’ love to them!



Small Group Discussions

Skits & Dramas

Praise & Worship Music

If you are interested in booking a Sacramental Retreat for your parish, please email us (click the button on the right) or call us at (306) 934-3511 to work out your specific package.

Host a Sacramental Retreat

What is involved in booking a Sacramental Retreat?

Custom Packages

The needs of each parish vary, so call us and we will customize a retreat package for your parish to best serve your needs.


The price of a Sacramental Retreat will vary depending on how far they have to travel and whether or not you combine it with other Pure Witness Retreat options.

Food & Shelter

Parishes are responsible to provide meals and host homes for the team of missionaries as needed.